Dear GirlGreatness,

I CARE ABOUT YOU! I'm really excited that we're opening this opportunity up to you. We'd love to have you as a Girlgobegreat VIP member and let you in on all the perks we give our favorite customers.

Now more than ever, there is a need to be SUPPORTED! Now more than ever, there is a deep need for you to be supported to self regulate and reboot during this extreme time of unrest. I and my team of dedicated women will be supporting a group of of women seeking to SELF REGULATE and REBOOT from anxious, stressed out, irritable, scared and uncertain feelings. 

...... Maybe you have been in need of support for a longer time and now that we as a human race have been faced with the CORONAVIRUS you are experiencing a stronger pull of "uneasy" on your energy. 

If you have been uneasy, challenged to focus and think clearly, or are feeling some reactivation of chronic pain or symptoms, you are not alone and this is the JOURNEY INWARD you should take to find an internal sense of ground. 

I invite you into the 10 Day JOURNEY INWARD Challenge I designed with the help of my team to provide you with access to the tools, awareness, and resources you need to Regulate, Reboot, Self Resource and Run with your DREAMS again with the force you started 2020!

– Lori Pelzer, Girlgobegreat Lifestyle Success Company founder 

Here's why Lori and Girlgobegreat Lifestyle Success Company is SO excited to offer you this Support Challenge...

We don't just sell amazing products and offer services that help our clients see great results we offer the deep work to support you in an empowered dialogue with tools designed to cultivate a felt sense of safety in your body. This work is done by supporting you on a "JOURNEY INWARD". The results is a Reblanced and Regulated Woman. The goal of this CHALLENGE is to support you to a place of BALANCE And CLARITY so you can keep on living and reaching your Goals & Dreams 2020.

You will discover how to REGULATE & REBOOT!

The nervous system when it is in balance and functioning optimally, we flow with the ups and downs of life.We are resilient. But when the nervous system is taxed, everything can feel off. And that is what happens when as a woman you are managing the ongoing, chronic stress of life. Financial challenges, relationship dynamics, parenting duties…all of the balls that you juggle can make life feel overwhelming at times. And these stress patterns build up in your body. In this moment you may feel Distress and Dysregulation in your nervous system in this time of Uncertanity of the Coronavirus. Sign Up Below.

You will discover how to Self Resource!

Resources are essential to our well-being. Identifying and using our resources as well developing new ones can and will help us feel more Centered, more Present and more Fully Alive especially in times of HUGE change both Personally & Globally. When we are balanced and in flow of our lives we easily move through this recurring process. We have less of a chance of getting stuck. When we have a felt experience of a lost of INTERNAL SAFETY like the experiences being held in your body centered around your LIFE and the UNCERTANITY of the "CoronaVirus" creates a disconnection from life as you know it and BIG imbalance occurs The need to ground, PULL from your faith and connect through self resources becomes a MUST. Sign Up Below.

Also, you will discover how to REFUEL & RUN for your Dreams again!

Energy To Run Again. Every woman wants more of it, no one can seem to keep it and finding it to begin with feels impossible at times. The most common health compliant: Women are worn out. You're running low on energy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 15 percent of all adult women claim to feel very tired, fatigued or exhausted. Most chalk it up to having too much to do and not enough time to do it in. But what if I told you that your dragging has little to do with your overflowing to-do list? Running your energy backwards will wear out any soul. The true culprits will be revealed in the 10 Day Challlenge. Sign Up Below.

Here's why Women Love Being Supported By Lori 

Join thousands of very happy women on our VIP list. Say Yes to the support you need and get ready for a powerful experience that will take ONLY 30 minutes A DAY for 10 Days at an UNBELIEVABLE cost $20.00. 

"No Woman Left Behind Because Girl I Care About You" Lori 

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