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"Girl You Founded It Now It's Time To Fund It" Bootstrapping Is Killing Your Business

There are many women with the dream in her belly and the fire in her veins to go for Entrepreneurship but.... -Lori

But for black women entrepreneurs,“they do it with only a toothpick and a napkin.” What this means is that black women entrepreneurs typically lack the resources and capital to launch. -Dell Gines

Lori Pelzer is setting out on a new mission to change the longtime "toothpick and napkin" narrative by addressing WHY we cannot depend on bootstrapping as a long-term financial strategy and why "bootstrapping" is killing the woman entrepreneur and her dream of business growth. This New Series is opening up the conversation and the training to build a six-figure growth system with"Funding" knowledge.

Is bootstrapping hurting my business growth? Bootstrapping-using the little that you have as start-up capital for the business.When little profits are realized, you need to plough them back into the business.... We set out to answer the bootstrapping questions by longtime self-funded founder Lori Pelzer, on why she wants to change the narrative, the reasons why she believes bootstrapping is killing women owned business growth and how women entrepreneurs can move beyond this black hole and build a solid six figure system and become educated on funding options.

In our new series "You Founded It Now It's Time To Fund It"

Bootstrapping is Killing Your Business we ask you the questions and provide new answers:

  • Do you use bootstrapping to fund your business dreams day in and day out?
  • Is your business strapped for cash?
  • Do you feel limited in your knowledge of the funding process?
  • Is your current business operations and relationships set up to win?
  • Are you struggling with understanding all this?
  • Do you want to learn more about raising over bootstrapping?
  • Has COVID-19 affected the way you fund your business?

COVID-19 is hitting Black female entrepreneurs in the US hard. You may not be aware of the staggering number of Black women entrepreneurs who are missing out on financial relief for her company with Grants, VC's, Bank specific loans and currently immediate relief under The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021 which provides fast and direct economic assistance for American workers, families, and small businesses, and preserve jobs for American industries.

About 41% of the nation's Black-owned businesses permanently closed between February and April of 2020, according to multiple studies. An estimated 17% of White-owned businesses shut down over the same period, according to a University of California, Santa Cruz study released in June. Women of Color entrepreneurs especially black women are more often under-banked than her white counterpart. It’s PAST TIME to change this narrative. Lori has a quick 2 minute (business) message for you click video below

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February 23 & 24

Lori Pelzer

Founder|CEO & Lead Coach

The founder of Girlgobegreat Lifestyle Success Co, Lori is dedicated to the success of each and every woman who walks through the door. Lori started the company 8 years ago after retiring from a 17 year award winning real-estate career selling over 33 Million as a sales career.Girlgobegreat is designed to be a success development haven for women. When Lori isn't using her magic touch to support women to increase her success, she's attending classes and conferences to implement the most innovative practices to continue the growth of Girlgobegreat. Lori speaks all across the US and Canada and have been featured on media news outlets and magazines.

Jessical Washington

Operations Manager & Funding Education Coordinator

Jessical entered the professional development and training world after completing her bachelors with honors at Hampton University then futhering her education to complete her masters in Rehabilitation Counseling at Mercer University Atlanta,GA. Jessical decided she would to work aside her mother and focus on the growth of her specialty seasonal formal dress business. Jessical operates the GirlGoBeGreat Lifestyle Success Company Operations & Financial business daily. Her love for numbers and women is a recipe for a great partnership with her mother Lori Pelzer.

Hit your goals sooner than you thought possible when you accept a new truth. TIME TO TAKE A NEW ACTION! 

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February 23 & 24 

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Learn how to hit your revenue goals 5 times faster with the right financial strategy. Bootstrapping is killing your business.

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Learn a new way to build your financial resources to grow your business and stop wasting valuable time loosing Joy. Bootstrapping is killing your business.

Decades of Experience

Have peace of mind! Our experts have years of know-how and get what you’re going through with a cash strapped business due to a global pandemic. Bootstrapping is killing your business.

"The complicated truth is bootstrapping has been an amazing tool and a life saver for all women with a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and starting her own business but the "hard but ugly truth" is the long-term negative effects outweigh the good that's possible even when faced with the challenges of seeking outside funding."I know first-hand the “beautiful and ugly truth” of bootstrapping as a Long-term financial practice.I want to change the narrative because women deserve the truth and a real chance"— Lori, Girlgobegreat Lifestyle Success Co. 

Why is Attending This 2 Day Entrepreneur Series a fit for you?Because...YOU MAY NOT KNOW IT BUT BOOTSTRAPPING IS KILLING YOU & YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH.

If you're done feeling burnt out, depleted and frustrated- and you're ready to step into being the leader who is focused on strategy, having the right capital to grow, and hiring the right people for your team to get you there- then this is for you. 

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February 23 & 24

In this New Power-Packed 2 Day Entrepreneur Series You'll Discover: How the bootstrapping process is killing your business growth…

In this New Power-Packed 2 Day Entrepreneur Series You'll Discover: Where women founders should focus your financial energy...

In this New Power-Packed 2 Day Entrepreneur Series You'll Discover: WHAT you need to scale, and WHO you need to help grow your business.

In this New Power-Packed 2 Day Entrepreneur Series You'll Discover: Free Resources at your Fingertips.


When is the 2 Day Series?

The series will be held February 23 & 24 @ 8 PM EST

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We're thrilled you're interested in learning How Bootstrapping Is Killing Your Business Growth and so much more to scale your business. Simply click links throughout this page.

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We recommend you add support@loripelzer.com to your email safe list. You will receive your private zoom link to join by phone, Ipad, desktop computer.

How much is the virtual seat for both days?

Both days are priced for one convenient price $21.00

What is Included?

We're thrilled to include 2 Days of Live Training with Lori Pelzer, Worksheets and a Bonus Q & A session each day.

Is my ticket refundable?

All tickets are not refundable. However If you' would like to transfer your ticket to a colleague because you cannot attend feel free to reach out. To request a ticket transfer, please contact our support team member Support@loripelzer.com

Girl! Get a new financial opportunity created for you and your business.

Never get stuck guessing what to do next for your business financially ever again. We've created a new financial opportunity created for you and your business.We understand that when it comes to money, women entrepreneurs are looking for better financial opportunities to learn and grow. We got you!

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